Blind Contour Tape Drawings

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Today, the Drawing & Painting 2 class began exploring the class theme of Oppression & Freedom through contour line drawing.  As a direct connection to our upcoming Middle School theatre production, the subject of their drawings were the main characters of The Conference of Birds. The students began with a few warm-up contour line drawings of the birds and then transitioned into blind contour drawings.  Contour line drawing is an exercise in which the artist limit their drawing to just the outlines of shapes without value to define the form of their subject.  Blind contour drawing goes a step further not allowing artists to look at the drawing they are creating, but only at the subject and they may not lift up their pencil.  The goal of contour and blind contour drawing is to help train the artist’s eye to observe closely and to better understand the form before applying value to their work.

After the Drawing & Painting 2 class completed their blind contour line drawings, they were then challenged to translate them from a graphite drawing into a new material: blue painter’s tape.  The tape is a completely different type of mark-making tool and forces the student’s outside of their comfort zone.  Students must explore and invent new ways make a mark, to curve a line,  and show line weight.  The Drawing & Painting 2 students did an excellent job adapting to the new material. Come by the Art Studio building and take a look at the beautiful drawings!



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