Yarn Graffiti & Perspective Drawing

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If you’ve visited the campus recently you may have noticed some new art involving a fair bit of brightly colored yarn. This has been the work of the Perspective drawing class installing their first major project of the year. Working within the big idea of Boundaries & Borders, this class was challenged to create a one word installation in one point perspective that responded to the following question:

How has your boundaries and borders changed this year at Eastside Prep?

Students were also encouraged to consider their installation site location and how the location, design, and word worked collaboratively to create meaning. Once each student had chosen their word and their site location, they made a preliminary plan on paper using a chain link grid pattern.  The translation of their paper plan to the fence presented many challenges as the paper grid was perfectly vertical and flat and the actual fence often was skewed or bowed in a concave or convex manner, forcing students to adapt their initial plans during their installation. The final product highlights both the creativity of each student in terms of their design and site location as well as their perseverance in adapting to the challenges of the materials.


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