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Memorandum Propaganda

In collaboration with the US drama production of The Memorandum written by Vaclav Havel and translated by Vera Blackwell, the D block Graphic Design class created a series of propaganda posters promoting the language of Ptydepe. For a little more context, here is a brief description of the play:

This Orwellian gem is set in a model political bureaucracy where a harassed manager unwittingly authorizes an experiment that will introduce a new bureaucratic jargon to supplant the popular language and expedite regimentation. The fellow who engineered the scheme now bypasses his manager and becomes manager himself. The results of the new jargon are ludicrous – nobody is able to translate the new directives. The former manager fights back from his night-watchman job to regain his previous eminence – only to encounter a still newer gibberish designed to supplant the last one. (

Each of our projects follows a simple structured design process and includes at least three meeting points with our clients.

EPS Design Process image


This project led our class to research historical uses of propaganda, interview Mr. Holmes, the director of the play and our client, and write a design brief that would guide students to create a successful poster.

The Memorandum Propaganda Design Brief:

Create a series of informational posters to promote the use and adoption of Ptydepe by the workers of the organization. Communicate the scientific origin of the language as well as its efficient qualities and encourage workers to join a class to learn Ptydepe. The design should have a cold, stark, bleak and lonely feel that mimics the ethos of the corporate organization sponsoring these posters. The posters should be tabloid size (11”x17”) and have a portrait (vertical) orientation.

With a clear design brief set, the students began brainstorming and exploring initial design ideas. They met briefly for a second time with Mr. Holmes to get feedback on their work. This second meeting is vital to help students make corrections early in the process and to stay on track in their work.  After their second client meeting the students focused on one idea and worked to create a refined digital design to present to their client. The posters you see hanging here and other places around school represent the finished propaganda posters design by our D block Graphic Design class.


D block Graphic Design:


Sofia Ackerman

Mimy Belay

Zeek Buckles Andrews

Gonzalo Canga Ruiz

Thomas Hart

Noah Johnson

Caden Keese

Qais Najm

Jamie Needham

Trevor Nielson

Shae Sakamoto

Thomas Schaefer

Clair Zyfers


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