Creative Role Models

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The myth that creativity is an innate ability is strong in our American culture, but couldn’t be further from the truth.  Creativity is an ability we all have and just like any other ability, it needs to be practiced and exercised to grow. The British artist Dominic Wilcox is the perfect role model of someone who takes this idea of exercising his creativity quite seriously. Check out his blog, Variation on Normal, to see his daily work as well as some of his bigger projects. You should also check out this short film about his work (see above).

A key part of the creativity work of Dominic Wilcox is his willingness to be silly and to try combining new ideas. While many of his ideas seem totally ridiculous, it is important to know that ideas build upon other ideas and the ridiculous ideas maybe the foundation of a genius idea. Dominic’s creative expertise is something we hope to develop in our students through the Arts at EPS.

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