Fall Music Concert Highlight

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I hope you had a chance to attend the Fall Music Concert, but I know a few of you might have missed it.  This video, filmed by students Allison Gliner and Cole Johnsen and edited by Ms. Roberta Christensen, captures one of the highlights of the evening. In it you will see our Upper School Choir […]

Eastside POV Seattle Skyline

The Winter Trimester has Started!

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As you may have known already, the winter trimester has started and for the Fine & Performing Arts at Eastside Prep that means the start of a lot of new classes and activities. Some of the new classes that have rotated in include: Playing Shakespeare (Middle School), Directing (Upper School), Digital Filmmaking (Middle School), Digital […]

Ms. Christensen helps her Upper School Stagecraft students work through a design challenge.

The Middle School Play is Well Underway!

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The Middle School play is just around the corner, Nov 5, 6, & 7th starting at 7pm, and all of the students involved had been working diligently to prepare for their moment on stage, behind stage, and in the control booth. Most people don’t get to see the incredible amount of work that the students […]


Yarn Graffiti & Perspective Drawing

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If you’ve visited the campus recently you may have noticed some new art involving a fair bit of brightly colored yarn. This has been the work of the Perspective drawing class installing their first major project of the year. Working within the big idea of Boundaries & Borders, this class was challenged to create a one word […]

Student Spotlight – Alli Carter

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There are many amazing and talented students at Eastside Prep and we hope to share a few of their stories along with their creative work here on our blog.  One of those talented students is Alli Carter of the Class of 2018. Below is a brief interview revealing some of her creative journey and an […]

What is Art For?

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At Eastside Prep the Arts have many roles, but I thought this video from philosopher Alain de Botton does a wonderful job of clearly laying out a few clear ideas of why we all need the Arts.


Drawing & Painting 2: Making your Own Drawing Tool

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In the first portion of this course we have been exploring a variety of non-traditional drawing media, leading to a major drawing project in which the students will choose their preferred drawing tool. In the context of “Drawing as Invention” in which drawing is used as a medium of play and exploration with a focus […]

Vanity Fair And Cadillac Toast The Artists Of Wynwood Walls

10 Women Street Artist Who are Better than Banksy

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The world of the visual arts has long been dominated by male artist, a fact that Gorilla Girls have worked diligently over the past few decades to highlight. This article from the Huffington Post highlights another instance of this imbalance in the realm of street art. “Don’t get us wrong, we like Banksy just fine. […]


Blind Contour Tape Drawings

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Today, the Drawing & Painting 2 class began exploring the class theme of Oppression & Freedom through contour line drawing.  As a direct connection to our upcoming Middle School theatre production, the subject of their drawings were the main characters of The Conference of Birds. The students began with a few warm-up contour line drawings of […]