Interdisciplinary Inspiration

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At Eastside Prep, we are always looking for people doing inspirational work that crosses disciplines.  The Reify startup caught our eye with their explorations of music and 3D printing.  What could the future of the music experience look and feel like?  How might we store and document music in the future?  These are engaging questions that […]

What is Art For?

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At Eastside Prep the Arts have many roles, but I thought this video from philosopher Alain de Botton does a wonderful job of clearly laying out a few clear ideas of why we all need the Arts.


Drawing & Painting 2: Making your Own Drawing Tool

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In the first portion of this course we have been exploring a variety of non-traditional drawing media, leading to a major drawing project in which the students will choose their preferred drawing tool. In the context of “Drawing as Invention” in which drawing is used as a medium of play and exploration with a focus […]

Yo Yo Ma Portraits

Arts Advocacy – Behind the Cello | Yo-Yo Ma

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“The values behind arts integration — collaboration, flexible thinking and disciplined imagination — lead to the capacity to innovate.” Behind the Cello | Yo-Yo Ma   I enjoyed reading the article above as Yo-Yo Ma thoughtfully discusses the value of integrating the Arts in education. It also makes me very excited about the year ahead […]