At the heart of our theatre program is the ensemble aesthetic – the idea that the best things are made over time by people who know each other and trust each other. The theatre classroom environment is a safe space where students can explore the role the body, the voice and the imagination play in communication and creating and enjoying dramatic work. Classes are skill based, meaning the techniques taught are skills that can be practiced, used and improved over time in theatre classes and beyond.

Our halls are alive outside of class as well. We produce three main stage shows a year, a Middle School production, an Upper School production and an all-school production, one of which is usually a musical. Main stage productions make every effort to integrate with academic classes and collaborate with members our community. It is not uncommon to have over 50 students, parents, teachers and community members work on a particular production as actors, understudies, technicians and designers. Recent productions include: Tartuffe, The Hundred Dresses, The Secret Garden, Almost Maine, Jungalbook, Our Town, My Fair Lady, and Midsummer Night’s Dream.